Get your 5th Year of Carpet Cleaning FREE

Only from Doug Mueller's Pro Cleaning and Restoration!

There are no contracts to sign and there is only one simple requirement:

You must have 4 years of uninterrupted cleanings (all wall to wall carpeting at least every 12 months).

That's it! No teeny tiny strings attached. And if you participate in our "No Brainer Plan" 6 months at HALF PRICE carpet cleaning for 4 uninterrupted years you will then receive 2 FREE cleanings after 5 years of uninterrupted cleanings!

Just let the office or your cleaning technician know that you'd like to participate and we will give you a certificate like the one below. There are no penalties if you do not complete the 4 years of uninterrupted cleanings, only the FREE cleaning if you do! So there is absolutely nothing to loose except the dirt on your carpet.

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